Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grass Rolling Green

Let me explain a little about my recent recordings. First and foremost it has become an adventure into the line of effects and the design of looping. Based off of hourly sessions most tracks are taken out of context and post recording effect to an MP3. I've become more aware in the process of setting up the line of effects from the send of the 12 channel mixer by manipulating the state of the recording routed through speakers or off the main mix. I prefer the amplifiers because of it's vulnerability to record dead space inside the room (isn't always dead) in which i am recording. When one sound is cut off by the air in which we breathe, back into a mic to be recorded. This i believe is a natural sort of wholesomeness rather than just routing from one machine to another. Then, after a few weeks of recording and determining the likes and dislikes of different pedals and ways to route the pedals it is becoming a greater part of the texture of the recordings. In all I feel like i'm becoming more comfortable to sustain this environment of recording and to add instruments in time, rather than; the favorite guitar. Thanks to Gary Morris for providing the ability to create this set-up. We hope to create more sessions under a certain name. fase face or arsefase or something face. I'm looking forward to creating more sensible tracks to break down into an album of streaming looping conscience. For the mean time check out the roughly 20 minute track. More to follow this. http://www.archive.org/details/GrassRollingWater