Monday, June 1, 2009

The lists keep coming

In the winter it's much easier to think about not doing something, because it's cold outside. But in the warm air, it's much harder to think of not doing something because it makes you vulnerable to moving and being moved by things. Everything is in creation and alive. No other way around it. In our choice of something nice or something angry we are still causing an affect and then again we might choice our consequences. So be careful what you do and know that the winter is not the same. For now you don't have to decide i got the music for you. To drop it to you on the internet is not something i'm desperately proud of. It's a means of connection and to allow more of the listeners to come and feed off the feast. and it's going through the summer. I don't want to stop and maybe there will be no end. But what would we do different, given the chance. Some long some short some round some flat. I might as well live in a junk yard. but you know i got all the good parts. GO FOR IT!!!