Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Returning E.P.

This titled means that I wanted to persuade myself into looking back upon, as I have usually done with most albums; in a metaphorical sense. but this time it was different. 'Returning' gave me the availability of my electric which is only down to one because my other is broken. Which i like a lot and do not have the money to fix it. This left me with my rather buzzy electric with less versatility to ride on. I'd say it first began with acoustical properties but then more and more it grew into an electric and effects phase which has lead me to my current position in music making 'Summer Collection' and in relation my blog. 'Returning' not only has the simplicity I was searching for but the monotonous tones that somehow change over time. I really think that this is a true step from 'From the Basement' (my first album) to 'Returning'. In that i mean it's not my desire, or my skill, or anything that makes me play music. It's the step that relates back to the first one. Kinda like it was left off with many ideas and now they have come out with a full thrust. Now to explain how the sounds are similar. I like the idea of using effects to transpose my guitar in another state from the true tone of the guitar. Also there weren't all but one or two takes and less multiple tracking. The sounds needed a little originallity from an unoriginal guitar sound. I just suppose they are very unique and that's why i like them. Returning E.P. http://www.archive.org/details/ReturningE.p