Friday, September 25, 2009


This album is in my hands with Cover layout done by a friend of mine, Ray Schloss, found at His artwork I discovered as I was looking for a means to an end on my projected album. I knew him well before then and was almost clueless to his 'other handed' talent (the Other being guitar). His art in my mind is color and contrast, large proportions and a natural tone in it's craft. I suppose i would have related it to my music at the time; sounds on sounds, art and sound. But enjoyable in their completely different aspects. Check him. The Cover can be described as Paper, multiple earth tones, shreds pasted as a flap with string clutch. And a note page with strip of paper latch through center of cd, 'holder', on either side. Recyclable and could last a lifetime. I will hand write certain detail to go along with the album and artwork. The Poster as you can see in an earlier blog 'Field day posters' were a separate project with Alexandra Barao and Leland Jackson. They were hand sprayed with paint on a 11x14 size hemp and recycled medium weight paper. They collapse as a slip to either protect the album cover or as a miniature poster for your wall. The last leg has been up to me and It is still weighing on what to do with them. I want to include random hand written words recorded from thoughts of the album or before written down. Show a little more depth to it's meaning of 'Field'. I want to thank everyone for downloading the album as of yet and those who may still do so. Please enjoy and get in touch for the collectors Artwork with album work. The cd is one of my own.