Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tons and tons

I've tons of ol' stuff to go through but nothing really fits. Programs slow enough to work on 95 but 2000 has no idea it's here. what is going on? i ask you then i tell you, nothing much. well yea. Nearly not enough to do but so much can be done. What is the point of this. It's seeing nothing. music is just not coming. the idea of making is great but what is it. it sits with contempt for other things; it ripens in the mind but it doesn't change. the hours have past from a point in time and it's all the same. What is achieved by that? the execution. do away. old methods, nothing; new, something. Need of talent and inspiration, need of force and desire. Get of line. The isle has holes. i am not standing before god. this is music and i must enjoy. 'the cat lays on his back he stretches across the rug. not big but not small anymore. looking up side down, woah what am i doing? paws collapsed on the chest. Chaccaron playing above our heads. almost nothing to think about besides the sounds from inside and outside the building. cleaning up a water main break and taking naps. fighting for survival in the world does not take up occupation, status, quotas, or reality checks. it is all there for you. so if magically it remains in your mind it won't disappear. Resistance to the surroundings and working with our environment and not others. Magically it will come from the good of ourselves. we may need help. loosing battery up next: chant