Friday, December 27, 2013


Like most things we value whatever holds our interest. Value is broken down into different degrees of how much it is worth. In musical sense it might be emotive value, physical value, or even visual value. Lowest of the lows of all types needs motivation or persistence; a consonance of continual sounds. Dedication and falling into place allows peace of mind and control. To value the music at all, it needs to be played out and also heard. Tiring sounds of old and no guess as to the future of the sound falling onto how many ears or played by so many devices. Uncontrollable values degrade the emotive along with physical fatigue of not knowing and not having been capable or dutifully carried out the task to be and experience the value of true listeners and there a response. The outcome maybe completely different from the input now, changing drastically what the input may be. Or it could possibly all just the same but clearly stated in one movement or flow of direction. Still confusion lies ahead when trying to value yourself and to examine the outcome with no actual critique. Tough stuff.