Monday, April 13, 2009

In and out of the basement

More than once, there is music ringing on the door steps of this basement apartment and there rings many pleasant tones from afar and near. The spanish loud speaker. Truck on the street blaring a loud and ever drowning sound of an alarm down to a little whisper tapping on the brain. The small or large speakers containing a personal selection and even closer an hot wire download into a scape of realism of music created by a like mind. This man i speak about is one of good faith and extra-masterfully producing beyond a pace of our own space and time. In all we can relate. Meaning he has not reached too far to be unknown or unheard. He is Annu. Versus. I wanted to start with this selection of music because of it's presence at a time like this. When starting a new blog i ask myself how it will be an adventure in and of myself. I hope to share it more than less with others and not a personal reflection. But it is, i think, very easy to fade away from something like this. Where the computer or the tv or the movies or the books don't matter. Then you step back into the world of common sense and interexchanging ideas and random thoughts and want to write what matters to myself. And in this i will share in and out with others' ideas. To go back and ponder the thought of and to document it's invulnerability. To think for yourself and be thought about.