Friday, April 24, 2009


-Imagine having to watch a clock on the wall.- The second hand keeping consistent rhythmic seconds, into minutes, into hours. For days you have not averted from the wall, none the less. But, time has no patience in spontaneity. When an arm has to move. I believe in all circumstance. No matter what place in time or of the earth, you are, your arm should and will have to move. Now say the arm wants to be like the clock's and move in synchronization. Tooling with time, skipping over each second; breathing in to fill the space. -Whatever might make clocks and people sync in popular succession?- Is there no greater time in a smaller faction? Like jumping around on a piano and then doubling the time but with one more note. Thus, having a rapid succession of notes being sprayed into the ears with a round sense. This feels comfortable and almost not recognizable, like a sped-up vinyl spewing jazz. Stand at a distance and it sounds closer to the original thought; yea it's that guy or no it's def. davis. From any point of view, that arm had to move. Now if arm could speak it would say time. Need time to heal, to get strong. But, it still knows when to move. Some impulse that comes from the brain; through your nerves and then your muscles; and back to your brain.Some move quicker, stronger and possibly more impulsive. Like it takes certain magical chemicals to release the toxin to the arm to make fingers blush with fluid or cat like movement. In each finger is held there space and time. Lately music is a challenge. The intention of playing has risen to a greater awareness. Unlike the arm, my attention to time has frayed into particles of stretched out periods where at length lying parallel they are completely different. Time has just split. A question i ask myself, do we not like all of ourselves? as do other humans? Complete absorbency of mind and body and soul. Are people really in popular succession? It is effort, I realize, to be anyone's gain. Fortunately for me I slow down. Sensory of the mind has short or longer waves on a map. Simple. in a wave the shorter it is the longer it takes to come. now increase the wave height and it's much faster. Many impulses stretching at length, or in short. Covering each other's notion and erratically bouncing off each other. -This does not look like an arm.- I enjoy these things. Where it may not always seem like rhythmic stature, it has a presence all it's own. It can sound the same, but in time it appears differently. Like a monotonous child belting lyrics to their most favorite hip-hop song and his voice skips over his heart beat. Will his heart beat faster. Or is it slowing down? Live Music My brother recently came up to visit. I'm having to play at my sister's wedding for the ceremony and I've created some good patterns to create a fluidity to the presentation but i still would like to sit on some of the chords and have a greater sense of what the wedding will actually be like. Instead of just like the music. I want him to accompany me for a certain part of two. We practiced some things and played out for an evening. We ended up recording this later part of it. Stream it from the site or download at your own will. Currently working on one of those lp eps. Returning is the title. I don't know why, yet. Next blog: Release 'Field' with cover and art work. gathering media now!