Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend with some kids

Nice! Warming air and cool vibrations! It is spring and here we engage the sun in sunset park. the actual park. Laying out in the early afternoon. Flying a kite with no wind; in which the kite is in length of over 5 meters. Wind prevailing in the late afternoon and four boys of brother and cousin relation wanting all a hand at flying the subject. There was drawing with colors and paper and even a game of backgammon. All the while keeping the kite in the air. The boys know both english and spanish. Maybe a little more spanish. They made sure even gary's phone was used as either a toy or a weapon at any given moment. Killed was a semi favorite for one and others maybe bored and another collecting information. I happened to collect some sound samples of them holding gary at gun-point; with an airplane attached to the opposite end of the gun. Damn kids. Ah all is well we told them we had to leave and they returned our stuff and said that they have to leave to. We say goodbye. In need of consistency. Riding the bike long distance is good to put on a few pounds. Also to help my logic and patience. I will keep this in mind when playing music. More will power. Here are some photos of ny down the bay. looking up the bay.